Vernissage Restaurant Circa 2012


The Vernissage Restaurant in Brookline MA is closed.
This was its website. The content below is from the site's 2012 archived pages and other outside sources.

Vernissage Restaurant evoked the baroque splendor of 19th century St. Petersburg with an elegant dining room and rich Eastern European cuisine. Tables could share appetizers of caviar and smoked fish before hearty entrees of beef stroganoff made with organic wheat noodles, herb-butter chicken Kiev, or grilled quail. Warm light from twinkling chandeliers filters through wine glasses and creates an air of class and sophistication, inviting diners to imagine themselves as Romanov rulers or people who read War and Peace all the way through. Though the decor and dishes showcased traditional Slavic influences, live jazz and salsa nights spoke to a contemporary New-World flair.



***** Inga P
Needham, MA
The interesting thing about reviews is that people only bother to write if something is super great, or super terrible..., nothing in between. I think that explains lots of different opinions.... But, I can comfortably put 5 stars and here is why. I got a chance to meet the owner and get a deeper understanding of food prepared and the whole operation. I pride myself on doing a serious research before making any big decisions..., and that one was a big one. We had to trust a professional with a big party, mixed crowd ( Russians, Americans, Greek, Irish, etc. ) and being able to show off a Russian culture, food and  music in a full light.
Sasha the owner and Pasha the business partner are very sweet and friendly guys, but please do not think that they take it easy and foul around. They took my request very seriously, met with me in a late hours, after work ( nice wine tasting and a free food tasting was a special treat and a nice touch, I did not expect such a generosity  : ). We were able to sit down and discuss every salad, every ingredient ( yes, I am that demanding... ) and see what kind of meat, cheese , etc. will satisfy each person appetite and will not feel weird  or too unusual , but be different and interesting. After all not only we came up with a full menu, it was even little bit below my budget. Win-win. More money for the tip ! 
We had everything - festive setting, privacy, great music, even were able to add a personal touch and play a guitar... Food galore with fantastic salads, seafood dishes, main dishes, deserts,  ( fresh leafs and eel , Waldorf, Olivie, pankakes with Red Caviar, cold cuts, fish, seafood salad, fabulous baby potatoes and mushrooms. hot piroxki- with cheese ( Chachapurri ) and with lamb ( Samsa ) , beef cabob and Chicken Kiev ( I want to run back just to try it one more time ! , I am drooling just thinking about it : ))) . Sasha personally baked an amazing honey cake and decorated with fresh Orchid flowers. Everything is made fresh right then and there   ( I did stop by in to a kitchen with a few questions and have seen him work ). I am a cook myself and do know the good from the bad. 
Sasha is the owner and a chef, he treats guests coming in as if it would be a family coming by for dinner. He is very passionate about food and very honest when it comes to freshness and quality. He creates amazing dishes and drinks ( try Vodka with Cranberry infusion, or even bigger surprise - with fresh dill and cucumber infusion- amazing staff !!! ) Pasha is fabulous with people and is great at dealing with budget, etc. He was absolutely awesome to work with as well. 
Trust me when I tell you, if you are Russian and miss homemade good quality food at affordable prices, or if you are American and/ or from any other country around the world and want to create an opinion about good food and a good service- stop by Vernissage. You will have a good experience and special memories to treasure for many years. 

Vernissage Restaurant
1627 Beacon St.
Brookline, MA 02445



Open in 1997, Vernissage Restaurant in Brookline MA, serves classic eastern European dishes with a unique modern flare. Our establishment offers an inviting yet formal atmosphere perfect for dining in elegance. Crisp linens, premium wines and attention to detail contribute to your dining experience. 

Vernissage can cater functions and private parties with entertainment, cuisine, open bar, floral arrangements and your own specific needs. Vernisagge hosts live dancing and music every weekend. Also, be sure to stop in for The Vernissage’s legendary Jazz night, featuring different jazz talent every week. 

Vernissage invites you to explore the unique taste of eastern European cuisine accompanied by professional service and elegant charm. 



Vernissage can cater to nearly any occasion and address your specific needs. Vernissage has two dining rooms available for reservation. The dining rooms have a capacity of 60 and 35 people. We provide full service package including: food, beverages, entertainment, floral arrangements, special event decorations, bakery services and open bar. 


Dinner Menu 
Served Every day from 5 pm to 10.30 pm, Friday, Saturday till Midnight.

Tomatoes and Cucumbers with herb sour cream dressing 8 
French potato "Olivier "salad 8
Classic Caesar salad 9
Add grilled chicken +3, grilled shrimp+5, salmon and red caviar+6

Roasted Eel salad, red wine brined cranberries and toasted almonds 19

Greek salad with dried beef, olive oil and squeeze of lemon 12

Gypsy salad(Baby Mozzarella, tomatoes, olives, pesto and olive oil) 15

Cucumbers, Romaine, avocado and cured salmon salad 15

Shrimp cocktail 12

Mushroom Julienne served with melted cheese 6

Chicken Pirozhki (turnovers) 6

Cheese pie 6

Lamb pie 6


Beet Borscht, served hot or cold with sour cream on a side 6
Lamb and rice soup 7

Soup of the day priced daily

Specialty Blitzes(Served warm)with:
Try it with crispy "Prosecco" to complete your experience,175ml 6

Salmon caviar 17

American sturgeon caviar and garnish 45

Homemade Gravlax 11

Smocked fish 12

Crab meat and Shrimp stuffing 12

Sautéed mushrooms 9

Chicken 6

Grilled Asparagus 8

Sweet Farmer's Cheese 6

Sour Cherry 6

Plain with honey or preserve (add ice cream +2) 7

Specialty Dumplings:
House infused Horseradish Vodka would be a good pairing 2oz 5
Siberian 8 
Chicken 8
Veal 8
Pork 8

Potato pierogies 9 


Atlantic Herring and roasted potato 9

Homemade pickled cabbage, green tomatoes and cucumbers 8

Marinated mushrooms 8

Assorted cold cuts 18

Smocked fish assortment 22

Roasted potato with mushrooms, garlic and dill 12

Main Course

Catch of the day (priced daily)

Pan seared Salmon filet served with roasted potatoes 20 

Almond crusted trout poached in champagne 22

Oven roasted eel in Cabernet sauce, grilled asparagus 22 

Shrimp and asparagus casserole 22

Pan fried frog legs in Chablis sauce 20

Chicken under the brick 19

Chicken Kiev (tenderized fillet stuffed with herb butter) 20 

Hudson Valley duckling, black currant coulis, crispy potato 22

Grilled Quails, julienne cut fries, fruit sauce 19

Pork chop 18 

Kebabs: Pork or Chicken, season vegetables, roasted potatoes 18 

Grilled New Zealand Lamb chops, roasted potato 27 

Classic Beef Stroganoff, whole wheat organic noodles 19 

Veal rolls stuffed with mushrooms, red wine demi-glaze 22

Rabbit, slowly prepared in sour cream with garlic and herbs 19

Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy.
Please be consuming raw or undercooked food may cause a serious illness.


Homemade Napoleon cake with vanilla whipped vanilla cream and strawberry puree 7
Crispy crepes with cherry filling 6
Blintzes with sweet farmers cheese and berry coulis 6
Ice cream (ask for today's selection) 6

Premium Lavazza Coffee 3.5
Cappuccino or Latte 4
Tea (regular or herbal) 3
Honey or preserve 3
Glass of whole milk 3
Soda 2.5
Juice 3.5
Ask your waiter about our selection of cognac and reserve dessert wine




Beyep Pycckoso Pomahca

Oct 11

1627 Beacon St. Brookline MA $10